They Shoot Horses Don’t They?




But They Shoot Horses Don’t They?


His eyes were bleary

His chest it felt tight

He was bone weary

Just didn’t feel right

But work was demanding

His attention not to stray

Although he was knackered

He worked anyway

For 72 hours each week in and out

He worked on the night shift building cranes to ship out

He built them with pride, his loyalty did show

Through the quality of work and his years on the go

But they shoot horses, don’t they

High up on a crane

It did happen one night

His knee gave a twist

His heart got a fright

He worked through the pain

To the end he did stay

Only after twas done

To his knee his eyes strayed

The knee it was swollen, a great pain in its core

The skin was all puffy, to walk was a chore

The doc said, “It’s nowt—tis but a strain

Get back to work; soon you’ll be right as rain”

But then they shoot horses, don’t they

Years they did pass

But the pain did not leave

So he favoured the leg

With a mind not to grieve

But as will happen

If you must climb like a kid

The other knee went

Much like the first did

Back to the doctor—a new one who found

That with time unattended, injuries compound

“Both knees are torn; and surgery they need

“You must have lighter duties; to your boss we will plead”

But they shoot horses, don’t they

Back at work

The man plead his case

Even though he was hurt

Could they please find a place?

He’d make hoses

Or sweep up the floor

Work on computers

Any task, any chore

But the boss stood firm, the man was broken you see

No use for him now, no ear for his pleas

“There is work to be done, to that we attest

But I only want you when you’re at your best.”

Because they shoot horses, don’t they.

Still a young lad

His career is cut quick

By two knees gone bad

And a boss who’s a prick

What happens now

To this good-hearted guy

Whose belief in loyalty

Is what led him awry?

Well, they shoot horses, don’t they?

JAS ©2008

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