Flash Fiction (He waited 20 years to return it)

He had waited for 20 years to return it. Infact this was the first time in 20 years he was to set foot in Barry after the incident He was deep in thought when the train pulled into Broad Street Station.

He pulled himself from his thoughts and gathered his bags to leave the train. The station was busy Davis remembered the day he left, the platform was empty. He had sat alone and waited for the train to take him away from the awful mess he was leaving behind. Everyone thought it was for the best as Davis was just a boy really and he could never have made anything of himself here. The stigma of what happened would ooze from his very flesh if he did.

Taxi for Baines. Is there a Mr Davis Baines here?” Davis got up from the bench and headed towards the stranger calling out his name. “Its me, I am Mr Baines.” The taxi driver moved towards him and lifted the two large cases. “ Are you here on holiday Mr Baines or are you here seeing family?” Davis wanted to say as little as possible as it was a small town, with small people who had small minds. They lived for gossip and he wanted to gather himself before it got round he had returned. “I’m just having a small break, I’ve heard it’s lovely here this time of year”. “It is that Sir” replied the taxi driver. The rest of the journey was in silence

Davis paid the taxi driver then hit the bell at reception for service. “Hello Sir, how can I help you?”. Davis looked thinking surly this man does not run this all by himself, he refrained from saying what was on his mind. “ My name is Mr Baines, Dr Baines I have a room booked for the foreseeable future”. “ Oh, yes Dr Baines we have been expecting you. Your room is ready and if you want anything just ring down and one of the staff will take care of it for you”.

When left to his own thoughts in his room he reminisced about how him and Bryn would have picnics on the beach with jam sandwiches their mum had made for them. If only he could go back to that moment when everything was normal…. Brought out his thoughts by a knock on the door. He shot up from the bed. Opening the door standing staring into his very soul was Gertie his mum’s old neighbour. “It’s Dr Baines, is it now Davis?” Gertie said. “ I take it you have news of me mam?” “ She is waiting for you she knows you’ve arrived. Your mam ain’t long so the hospice allows visitors round the clock. She wants Bryn’s things back, she never forgave you for taking some of them with you.”

Davis knew what his mam wanted returning and it was nowt of Bryn’s…………..


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