old woman



She sits by the window,
watching time go by.
She thinks of memories past,
it often makes her cry.

A little girl with skipping ropes.
A smile adorns her face.
Now a face she doesn’t recognise,
a stranger takes her place.

Memories of a young lady,
finding her first love so true.
How time passes by
and runs away from you.

Memories of young children,
playing around her feet.
Now all living far away.
With families of their own to keep.

Memories of her husband,
he passed awhile ago.
He often made her smile,
and together they grew old.

Still living in the house,
where all her kids grew up.
Sitting all alone.
Drinking from a small tea cup.

Sitting by the window,
she watches time go by.
Thinking of love she’s had and lost.
A tear falls from her eye.

Written by Jerri42
©All Rights Reserved

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The Internet Phantom



The Internet Phantom

He hides behind the PC Screen,
his identity never known.
Adopting to his surroundings,
almost like a clone.

He will be everything you look for,
in a partner and a friend.
Tell you everything you want to hear,
until the bitter end.

A little bit of flirting.
What harm can it do?
He now has your details
and he is going to find you.

She hasn’t been online.
No-one’s seen her in awhile.
Her family start to worry,
the police open up a file.

Her bed has not been slept in.
Her mail… it’s not been read.
They have no leads to follow,
missing and presumed dead.

Three years have now past,
her bodies not been found.
Is she somewhere living a good life,
or somewhere underground.

Be careful who you talk to
and who you trust online.
Most the people on it,
lie almost all the time.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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British Weather

British weatherBRITISH WEATHER

It was bright but very cold.
Should I be so very bold?
To go outside without a coat,
when the weathers so remote.

It is Britain after all
The weather is so hard to call.
All the seasons in one day,
be prepared is what people say.

Should I wear a Duffel Coat,
button it up to the throat.
That might be a bit too warm,
although it would protect me in a storm.

A little cagoule might do the trick,
after all it’s not quite as thick.
At least I know I will not sweat,
of that one thing I need not fret.

How to prepare for British weather,
has my mind in a tether.
I need one jacket to cover seasons all.
Spring, Summer, Winter…Fall

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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A Cry For Help

The scream

A Cry For Help

I’m screaming,
can you hear me?
Life is out of all control.
I’m screaming,
can you hear me?
Its ripping through my very soul.

I’m screaming,
can you hear me?
Please reach out and grab my hand.
I’m screaming,
can you hear me?
Please say you understand.

I’m drowning,
can you see me?
I’m gasping for some air.
I’m drowning,
can you see me?
I need to know you care.

I’m drowning,
can you see me?
In the depth of my despair.
I’m drowning,
can you see me?
I can see you standing there.

I vanished,
did you notice?
Did you even wonder why.
I vanished,
did you notice?
I just wish you heard my cry.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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No Regrets

no regrets

No Regrets

Don’t want to work and pay the bills
I want to live. Have some thrills.
Don’t want to stay in and make the beds.
Would rather drink. Dance instead.
Don’t want to stay in and make your tea.
That is really not for me

But I do work and pay the bills.
So my kids can study and learn some skills.
I do stay in and make the beds.
So my kids have somewhere to lay their head.
I do take time to make their tea.
So they are as healthy as can be.

Kids are a blessing and a curse.
My cupboards are empty and so is my purse.
As small kids they made laugh.
When they would do something daft.
When in their teens we often fought.
Never happy with their lot.
Now as adults they won’t move out.
No matter how I scream and shout.

If I had a chance. What would I change?
Nothing at all. I’d keep it all the same.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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Vicky 5 Years On

Vicky 5 Years OnIf you click on the picture it will play Micheal Jackson’s “Gone Too Soon”

Vicky(5 Years On)

5 years have gone since
our Vicky passed away.
The heartache it caused,
feels like it was just yesterday.

An inspiration to all who met her.
Vicky always shared a smile.
She loved to sit and have a giggle,
forget her troubles for a while.

To know her was a pleasure.
She touched my very soul.
To live life to the full,
was Vicky’s only goal.

Her illness did not stop her.
On life with both hand she took hold.
If there was a medal for courage and determination.
Vicky would receive the gold.

Vicky changed the life’s of all who met her.
She gave perspective and some hope.
No matter what our lot in life,
If we just try …. we can all cope.

Her life was full of hardship.
Yet not once did she complain.
That is why for me she’s an inspiration
and forever this she will remain.

Vicky we all love you
and the silly things you’d say.
Hearing Michael Jackson’s ‘Gone to Soon’,
made my heart start to ache today.

They say that time heals everything
I don’t think that this is true.
We just locked away the heartache
and love we have for you.

Then Vicky I remember,
the day we said goodbye.
How you wanted everyone to wear pink and purple
and to chuckle not to cry.

So when I feel hard done by
I think of you a while.
Then I count my many blessings
and once again I smile.

Vicky Gone But Never Forgotten
Died 17th January 2009

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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This was written about a beautiful woman that died 5 years ago on the 17th. She was very special to me and all who had the honour of sharing in her short life. Click on the picture it will take you to the Cystic Fibrosis page where you can get more information or even just donate to help find a cure.


Into the world,
came this ball of delight.
Her name was Vicky,
and she was in for a fight.

By eighteen month,
she became really sick.
They struggled to help her.
They tried every trick.

They did a salt test,
found Cystic Fibrosis.
We were really scared,
this was her diagnosis.

With everything she eats,
she takes so much pills.
It breaks my heart,
and gives me such chills.

Her chest filled with flem,
so therapy she gets.
It’s not at all pleasant,
and my eyes, they get wet.

She is a special young girl,
who never complains.
All through her problems,
cheery she remains.

In and out of Yorkhill,
education was missed.
The school would send lessons
on this Vicky would insist.

We once asked a doctor,
what was her prognosis?
He said she would die young,
with Cystic Fibrosis.

To high school she went.
Her health, it got worse.
Her breathing got laboured.
It felt like a curse.

To Great Ormond Street,
Vicky we did take.
They done all their tests,
not a sound did she make.

On the transplant list,
for new lungs she did go.
We had to wait for a call,
it went really slow.

We got the call.
We had to get there quick.
We didn’t really mind,
for after she wouldn’t be as sick.

There was some complications.
Vicky lost her hearing.
We were so upset,
The hardship she’s bearing.

Her medication she took,
made her really frail.
By the time she was twenty,
her kidneys they did fail.

Her mum was the donar,
her kidney she did give.
She gave of herself,
so her angel could live.

The drugs that were taken,
to stop the kidney from rejecting.
Caused the lungs to fail,
and her demise it was reflecting.

Like a feline,
another chance at life.
Lungs become available,
again she goes under the knife.

The operation was over,
it was really late.
Sitting at her bed side.
All left down to fate.

The family were all called,
by her bedside we did cry.
When they switched of the life support machine.
We had to accept that she had died.

This special young woman,
who died at twenty three.
Showed me the kind of person,
I would like to be.

On the 17th of January,
her life god did take.
Ever since that day,
my heart it does ache.

R.I. P Vicky (Angel)

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I have not posted lately as i have been busy with the run up to Christmas. I came on today today to take the time to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I would also like to wish you all a healthy and happy 2014. I hope all my fellow bloggers, followers and their families are showered with blessing over this festive period. Take care and i will see you all in the new year xxxx

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The White Christmas

The White Christmas

Please remember this Christmas those less fortunate and give a extra to gift to the charity of your choice. Even one act of kindness can make a difference to someone.


The White Christmas

The snow falls against my window,
everything looks so very clean.
Almost as beautiful as summer,
when the grass is evergreen.

Last night was a special night.
Last night was Christmas Eve,
when Santa visits all the children.
In this us kids we all believe.

My school says Christmas is not just about Santa
but about when a special child was born.
Some kings and wise men came from afar,
so on this child they could adorn.

The other kids are in the street,
with their bikes, their prams and sleighs.
Santa has been good to them,
on this extra special day.

I forgot to hang my stocking.
If I did I would still get nowt.
Last year when I dared to ask,
my ear they gave a clout.

I go down to find some breakfast,
my parents still fast asleep.
I wonder what Santa has brought me,
I’m sure its pretty neat.

After my breakfast is eaten,
well the biscuit that I found.
I can not see my present,
so decide to look around.

I think I have looked everywhere.
There’s not corner I haven’t been!
All throughout the house,
not a present to be seen.

My parents get up and look at me,
as the tears roll down my face.
They tell me to stop crying,
to them I’m a disgrace.

Mum said “Santa didn’t bring you a present”
and then she took a pause.
She said that I was bad,
so got nothing from Santa Clause.

The snow falls against my window,
everything looks so clean.
What can a six year old do that is so wrong?
Why is life so mean?

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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The Broken Christmas

The Broken Christmas

The Broken Christmas

The streets are all glistening,
with magical little lights.
I remember how I used to get excited,
back when I was just a mite.

I remember all the smiles,
as the presents were unveiled.
Each gift given with love,
like a love letter yet to be mailed.

Christmas was a magical time,
when hate and fear would disappear.
Full of good intentions,
for the few weeks that end the year.

The streets they are so busy!
I got lost within the crowd.
My coat does not keep me warm,
sometimes it feels just like a shroud.

I do like all the bright colours
and all the happy sounds.
As the Salvation Army play carols,
some people gather round.

I feel like an outsider,
amongst the hectic crowd.
As they try to buy some last minute presents
and do their families proud.

Above the sky it darkens.
The shops begin to close.
The street once again is veiled in silence.
I no longer feel exposed!

I approach my usual spot.
The snow, it begins to fall.
I hope tonight I can keep warm,
I feel so very small.

My toes they feel so numb,
as I start to awake.
As the snow falls faster.
My body…involuntary it shakes.

I was in Afghanistan,
For this country…….well I fought.
Lots of my comrades died there
and by their country are now forgot.

I could not come to terms with this,
and just carry on with life.
Through this I became depressed,
my heart has just been knifed.

I have drove my family away,
with my depression and these moods.
Now even in the magic of Christmas,
I struggle to see some good.

Christmas is not a happy time,
for everyone you see.
There are people who have no-one,
or people on the street just like me.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas
and appreciate in life your lot.
Have a wonderful day
and don’t give me a second thought.

I see someone approaching,
with a blanket and some tea.
The tears flow to see such kindness,
being directed straight at me.

Maybe in the future,
a loved one you’ve forgot.
Will be helped by the Salvation Army,
because someone gave them a second thought.

The Salvation Army do an excellent job,
it helps people just like me.
I hope you will show them kindness.
For the future is impossible to see

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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