Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I have not posted lately as i have been busy with the run up to Christmas. I came on today today to take the time to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I would also like to wish you all a healthy and happy 2014. I hope all my fellow bloggers, followers and their families are showered with blessing over this festive period. Take care and i will see you all in the new year xxxx

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The White Christmas

The White Christmas

Please remember this Christmas those less fortunate and give a extra to gift to the charity of your choice. Even one act of kindness can make a difference to someone.


The White Christmas

The snow falls against my window,
everything looks so very clean.
Almost as beautiful as summer,
when the grass is evergreen.

Last night was a special night.
Last night was Christmas Eve,
when Santa visits all the children.
In this us kids we all believe.

My school says Christmas is not just about Santa
but about when a special child was born.
Some kings and wise men came from afar,
so on this child they could adorn.

The other kids are in the street,
with their bikes, their prams and sleighs.
Santa has been good to them,
on this extra special day.

I forgot to hang my stocking.
If I did I would still get nowt.
Last year when I dared to ask,
my ear they gave a clout.

I go down to find some breakfast,
my parents still fast asleep.
I wonder what Santa has brought me,
I’m sure its pretty neat.

After my breakfast is eaten,
well the biscuit that I found.
I can not see my present,
so decide to look around.

I think I have looked everywhere.
There’s not corner I haven’t been!
All throughout the house,
not a present to be seen.

My parents get up and look at me,
as the tears roll down my face.
They tell me to stop crying,
to them I’m a disgrace.

Mum said “Santa didn’t bring you a present”
and then she took a pause.
She said that I was bad,
so got nothing from Santa Clause.

The snow falls against my window,
everything looks so clean.
What can a six year old do that is so wrong?
Why is life so mean?

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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The Broken Christmas

The Broken Christmas

The Broken Christmas

The streets are all glistening,
with magical little lights.
I remember how I used to get excited,
back when I was just a mite.

I remember all the smiles,
as the presents were unveiled.
Each gift given with love,
like a love letter yet to be mailed.

Christmas was a magical time,
when hate and fear would disappear.
Full of good intentions,
for the few weeks that end the year.

The streets they are so busy!
I got lost within the crowd.
My coat does not keep me warm,
sometimes it feels just like a shroud.

I do like all the bright colours
and all the happy sounds.
As the Salvation Army play carols,
some people gather round.

I feel like an outsider,
amongst the hectic crowd.
As they try to buy some last minute presents
and do their families proud.

Above the sky it darkens.
The shops begin to close.
The street once again is veiled in silence.
I no longer feel exposed!

I approach my usual spot.
The snow, it begins to fall.
I hope tonight I can keep warm,
I feel so very small.

My toes they feel so numb,
as I start to awake.
As the snow falls faster.
My body…involuntary it shakes.

I was in Afghanistan,
For this country…….well I fought.
Lots of my comrades died there
and by their country are now forgot.

I could not come to terms with this,
and just carry on with life.
Through this I became depressed,
my heart has just been knifed.

I have drove my family away,
with my depression and these moods.
Now even in the magic of Christmas,
I struggle to see some good.

Christmas is not a happy time,
for everyone you see.
There are people who have no-one,
or people on the street just like me.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas
and appreciate in life your lot.
Have a wonderful day
and don’t give me a second thought.

I see someone approaching,
with a blanket and some tea.
The tears flow to see such kindness,
being directed straight at me.

Maybe in the future,
a loved one you’ve forgot.
Will be helped by the Salvation Army,
because someone gave them a second thought.

The Salvation Army do an excellent job,
it helps people just like me.
I hope you will show them kindness.
For the future is impossible to see

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

This is meant to be humorous and contains lots of swear words so if your easily offended please do not read but it is just a bit of fun

Christmas Morning

Christmas day all asleep,
down the stairs I start to creep.
To catch the fat man in his suit,
through his bag I want to root.

Last year he forgot half my list!
If it happens again he will get a glasgae kiss.
Last year I told him I want a bike,
the bastards death I got a kite.

I am trying so hard to be quiet,
that fat man needs to go on a diet.
I get down stairs no-ones there,
at the tree I stand and stare.

Lots of gifts under the tree,
some for others…..some for me.
Oh well… me a chance to have a press
and what’s in the boxes…. have a guess.

Some are small……some are big,
under the tree I have a dig.
Nothing there shaped like a bike,
bet there’s fuck all there that I will like.

They said he is watching who is good,
so I didn’t swear and ate my food.
I better get something great,
or next your I will not take the bait.

If you ever ate my mums food,
you would know its not very good.
This really was a sacrifice,
as her food could really take a life.

I hear my parents they are awake.
I get a fright and start to shake.
I hope they didn’t hear me swear,
My sister grass?…….She wouldn’t dare!

Before we open gifts we go to church.
This really is far too much!
After the service they stop to chat,
trying so hard not to be a brat.

Home eventually to open gifts,
as I was about to start a bloody rift.
We open gifts one after the other,
me, my sister and little brother.

Pram and doll for my sister,
mum bent down then hugged and kissed her.
My little brother got a trike,
what happened to his fucking kite.

Mum shouts me up to her room.
Sigh! What’s she want now the bloody loon.
Up the stairs I start to hike,
then I see my fucking bike.

At my mum I start to smile,
I think I’ll be good……well for a while.
She take a picture of me and my bike,
puts it on facebook and gets some likes.

Thank you Santa for my gift,
you can forget about that glasgae kiss.
I think your lovely no matter what they say,
as you’ve really made my fucking day.

When next year comes around,
I will save up my every pound.
With the money I get paid,
I’ll buy you a little hearing aid.

So next year when a lad wants a bike,
he doesn’t get a stupid kite.
As he might tell you were to shove it
and I’m telling you Santa you will not love it.

Written by Jerri42
©All right reserved

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Christmas is coming
December is here
A time for family
and to hold what is dear

Times are hard
for all not for some
with greed and jealousy
what has this world now become

The kids want want want
the parents try hard to get
Do this generation appreciate
the countries in debt

Some choose to hit the credit card
others to do without
Parents try to make things special
and in return receive nowt

We all are struggling
to keep a roof over our head
to keep our kids clothed
and to keep them all fed

What will I do you ask
what choice will I make
I will do what I can
and I will give and not take

Christmas is about
family and friends
this need for material things
must come to an end

So when Christmas come
keep your loved ones all near
and remember the true message of Christmas
in our hearts keep it clear

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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Letter Of Adoption

Letter Of Adoption

Letter of Adoption

The day I heard about you,
I was so very scared
No matter what I was feeling.
I knew the news…… must be shared.

Shaking and Trembling!
The news I blurted out.
My parents were so angry.
With hurtful words they did lash out.

I was just a kid myself.
I was extremely young.
How could I care for you,
when my own life had just begun.

As you grew inside me
and I’d feel you move around.
I love you more and more each day
and forever we would be bound.

I longed to hold you close to me,
feel the gentleness of your touch.
I knew I had to give you away,
as I love you oh so much.

Then the day it came!
My angel would be born.
I had just one small hug,
then from my arms you were torn.

Do not think I didn’t love you.
I wanted for you the world.
I knew I could not give you it.
My beautiful little girl.

You went to a good family.
They could give you everything you’d need.
The best of education.
Things I could not, I know concede.

I celebrate you birthday.
Every single year!
I light for you a candle.
and pray one day I will hold you near.

I hope one day you find me,
as you never left my heart.
Know I have always loved you.
Every day……….right from the start.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved

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The Gift

Thought I would reblog this today as some of my new followers won’t have seen it

Creative Sparks

The Gift

The Gift

God decided to bless me.
An angel was to be the gift.
He filled up my womb,
and my heart he gave a lift.

I have to wait for my Angel,
nine months is what they say.
I can tell you I will love her,
until my dying day.

I am eating for two now.
My angel she starts to grow.
The little bundle inside,
in my tummy starts to show.

Today I get to see you,
in a thing they call a scan.
I am so overwhelmed,
the tears they ran and ran.

I look straight at the monitor.
Your heart………..I see it beat.
Your head! Your arms! Your legs!
Your tiny hands and feet.

We go home all excited,
our cup does overflow.
We make some future plans
and cannot wait to watch you grow.

Today I don’t feel so great,
you dad tells me to…

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