Missed Homework


Missed Homework

Missed Homework

I forgot to do my homework.
Well this was not my first
but when I told my teacher.
The crazy witch went nuts!

You would think I did it everyday,
not every now and then.
Does she think that by her shouting,
it will never happen again.

She is making scary faces!
She could really haunt a house.
I am desperate to laugh out loud
but sit as quiet as a mouse.

I think that I was smiling,
as she really got annoyed.
“Get outside the class” she shouted,
“you silly little boy”.

I hope she hands out homework,
while I am standing here.
As when I do not do it,
my excuse will be quiet clear.

You did not give me homework,
of that there is no doubt.
You sent me out the classroom;
after at me, you did shout.

I’d say “I’ll tell you what I’ll do Miss,
tomorrow I’ll hand it in.”
I’ll give her a little wink
and on my face will be a cheeky little grin.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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2 Responses to Missed Homework

  1. Cubby says:

    Aw, this is so cute. You really know how to capture the feeling of whichever shoes you choose to wear for your poem so well. Love this. 🙂

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