Adult Bullying

Adult Bullying

Bullying can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter what your age, religion or the colour of your skin. Don’t turn a blind eye as next time it could be your sister, bother, daughter or son in the line and fire and somebody else could just look the other way. Bullying is wrong and cost life’s lets make a stand and eradicate this problem or at least make it happen less frequent

Adult Bullying

I don’t want to go in today,
to all the taunts and jokes.
I don’t want to go in today,
and face those awful blokes.

Bullying is something,
that happens to kids you see.
Its something that happens to kids,
not something that happens to me

I am an adult,
I am being over-sensitive.
I am grown now,
I shouldn’t even mention it.

I feel so crushed,
and feel ashamed.
Maybe its my attitude,
that’s to blame.

Why can’t I man up,
and tell them to get lost.
I am dying here,
my dignity is what it costs.

I can not do it anymore,
I decide to take action.
I’ve seen another way,
my life can’t stay in traction

I wait to alls in bed one night,
I get into my car.
I bet the bullies at my work,
didn’t think I would go this far.

Door locked, exhaust pipe plugged.
I simply go to sleep.
Those horrible adult bullies,
I hope the memory of me keep.

When suicide is a better option,
than living life this way.
If suicides a better option,
they should think about what they say.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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10 Responses to Adult Bullying

  1. Paolo Mateo says:

    I’ve experienced bullying throughout my childhood, and it seems I set myself up for it even now in the twilight years of my life. For me, it’s about abstinence – staying away from people and emotions – because then I can’t get hurt, I can’t hurt others in retaliation. I agree that awareness of the problem and education early on to avoid this is necessary. At my place in time, though, none of this will help me. Others who have survived to their later years, might agree. I suppose, if nothing else, we could pass on with a smile, knowing others will not go through what we did.

    As always, you strike the meant chords with your words, hitting them dead on and with understandable impact. This is one of your callings, Jerri. Keep making people aware of the change we must make happen to preserve our species, to promote due happiness for all. Thank you.

    • jerri42 says:

      Paul i understand what your saying and thank you for the compliment. I just want to say to you the problem is with the bullies not the victims. Nobody does anything to deserve to get bullied. I have told you before i find you interesting and kind. Some people see kind people as weak but they are wrong they are not weak. So hold your head up and move forward one step at a time and trust that karma will sort things for you x

  2. Cubby says:

    Adults are no better than children in some ways. Bullying can manifest in so many different forms, and some people don’t even realize when they are being bullied but feel embarrassed and ashamed and think there is something wrong with themselves. Your poem is very meaningful and leaves a powerful impression on the reader.

  3. thommya says:

    This is so telling and so vitally important. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this intriguing piece. So often, we tend to think that adults are immune from the behavior, when truly their mentorship continues to have negative ramifications.

  4. inbetweenthemadness says:

    deeply touching and another brilliant poem in raising the issue. Although not a victim of bullying i could really relate to the whole “im an adult, shouldnt be feeling this or doing this…” aspect due to other reasons.
    Bullying can effect anyone of any age…although the work place seem to dress it up as “banter” failing to realise the effect it can have and how it can change a persons whole life at home and at work.
    Really enjoying your poetry and the messages you convey.

    • jerri42 says:

      This poem was about something that happened when i was very young, I don’t want to go into detail but in those days you were expected to just get on with things people did not discuss bullying in kids never mind adults

      • inbetweenthemadness says:

        Thats very sad to hear, and unfortunately seems to be an all too common response. 😦 But if just one person reads this and takes something away from it, if it changes one persons thoughts and perceptions, you have done a good deed.

      • jerri42 says:

        Thank you for your kind words

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