The Scary Little Lump

The Scary Little Lump

Please check your breast frequently. If you click on the picture it takes you straight to the breast cancer help page. October is breast cancer awareness month so I am rebloging this. Ladies please donate your old bras to the cause. I know you can hand them into house of Fraser or BHS. I am sure their are other places in your area though

The Scary Little Lump

I got into the shower today,
to wash my curves and bumps.
Underneath my left arm,
I found a little lump.

I had another little feel,
to see if what I felt was right.
The little lump was so distinct,
it gave me such a fright.

I decided I would just ignore,
and hope it would disappear.
The little lump got larger,
and filled me with such fear.

I decide to see the doctor,
I hoped he put my mind at ease.
He gave me a referral,
and with my delay he was displeased.

I went to the hospital,
an oncologist I did see.
She said she’d organise a biopsy,
in two days or maybe three.

That afternoon I got a call,
a theatre slot came free.
Suddenly it was all so real,
for my husband and me.

I did not tell my siblings,
as I did not want them to worry.
I thought I would wait for the results,
so my head I did just bury.

I went into the hospital,
on the morning of the operation.
I wanted it to be over with,
as I had really lost all patience.

I came out of the anaesthetic.
The doctor she came round.
She said they removed the lump,
and cancer is what was found.

I didn’t know what to think.
I really was distraught!
I am just glad the cancer can be treated,
as early it was caught.

I needed radiotherapy,
and the left breast I might lose.
This is all my fault,
as to ignore it I did choose.

So ladies if you find something,
you think is not quiet right.
Please go to your own GP,
and don’t be paralysed with fright.

If you choose to ignore,
and bury your head into the ground.
You might not be as lucky,
when the cancer is what’s found.

They need to catch it early,
this horrible disease.
Use me as an example,
and attend your doctor please.

By Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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