Just 5 More Minutes

Just 5 More Minutes

This poem is based on a really sad story i read, so not about me.

Just 5 More Minutes

“We really have to go now Mark,
come on I’m in a hurry.
We really need to get home,
before your mother starts to worry.”

“Just 5 more minutes dad.
Please can we just stay.
Just 5 more minutes dad,
please just for today.”

“Okay 5 more minutes Mark,
that is all you’ve got.
Just 5 more minutes,
that really is your lot.”

My mind is on my work,
as he play upon the swings.
I get pulled out of my chain of thought
as my phone begins to ring.

“Right come on now Mark,
your mothers on the phone.
Lets get your jacket on,
we have to hurry home.”

“Just 5 more minutes dad,
that is all I ask.
Please 5 more minutes dad
and that will be my last.”

“You can’t have 5 more minutes,
I turned to him and snapped.
You’ve had your last 5 minutes,
I feel the time you’ve had is apt.”

Just 5 more minutes.
Is all he really wanted,
to play on the swings.
Now with these words I’m haunted.

You see, Mark had a heart condition
He died that very day.
Just 5 more minutes.
I still can hear him say.

I often sit in the park,
with 5 more minutes in my head.
My heart is surely broken
and tears I often shed.

I would give my life,
for 5 more minutes today.
To sit in this very park
and watch my young boy play.

Just 5 more minutes Lord,
that is all I want.
My boy for 5 more minutes,
then these words might cease to haunt.

Appreciate all your kids
and give to them your time.
I would give anything,
for just 5 more minutes spent with mine.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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