Tomorrow is my birthday,
I will be turning three.
They are giving me a party,
with a cake that’s just for me.

The cake will have my name on it,
and candles; one, two, three.
All my presents will be displayed.
Laid out for all to see.

From my nursery, my friends will come.
The games we will all play.
I really and excited,
about this my special day.

I really want a tractor,
but I have to wait and see.
Whatever my parents buy,
I’m sure that i’ll be pleased.

Everyone’s arriving!
Gift’s in hand they bring;
yo-yo, football, golf clubs.
Happy Birthday they all sing.

I like my daddy’s tool belt,
and the tractor he does drive.
I am going to drive a tractor.
Just as soon as I turn Five.

My mum has organised a clown,
he really was not funny.
If only she’d had asked me,
I would of rather had the money.

Time to open my big present,
my heart is full of glee.
Inside the box and wrapping,
a tractor I did see.

It has been a great day.
It’s really been the best.
Now all my friends must go,
as I really need to rest.

I can not wait till next year,
as then I will be four.
I can have another party!
And the presents, well there will be more.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday,
but I really have to run.
Please come and visit next year,
as it really was such fun

by Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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