I sit in silence,
in this room all alone.
I sit here in silence,
and stare at the phone.

The T.V on mute,
the pictures they change.
In the deafening silence,
I hear you call out my name.

The rumours are circulating.
They’re out of control.
They are breaking my heart,
and destroying my soul.

Should I confront her,
about what’s been said?
Maybe discuss it,
and put it to bed.

What if I don’t like,
what she has to say?
Should I pack all my things,
and call it a day?

Why does love hurt?
I feel the twist of the knife!
Love should be joyous,
not all misery and strife.

I sit in this room.
I can take no more.
I write a note,
put a lock on the door.

A bottle of pills,
so easy to take.
I sit all alone,
and through my memories rake.

This is goodbye;
my sweetheart, my friend.
The rumours destroyed me.
I couldn’t confront you in the end.

I love you my darling.
I am now gone!
I want you to be happy,
I want you to move on.


You sat in the room,
all by yourself.
With a bottle of pills,
you took from the shelf.

The rumours were false!
I love you, you fool.
Why didn’t you tell me?
Instead you acted so cool.

Now I have lost,
My only true love.
Now your in heaven,
looking down from above.

My heart it is broken,
it is beyond repair.
If the world ended tomorrow,
I wouldn’t even care.

I sit in the room,
that you sat all alone.
With a bottle of pills,
next to the phone.

You want me to move on,
this I can not do.
This world is now empty,
and I struggle without you.

We will be once more together,
again pretty soon.
I swallow the pills,
sitting alone in your room.

Written by Jerri42
©All rights reserved


About jerri42

I Have filled in some information on the about the writer page. Any suggestions for my website or poems subjects please leave a message and i will consider them all
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